Cheap toys for Pet Birds

cheap toys


I have had parakeets for many years and I love to buy them new toys.  Most of the time, they tear them up fairly quickly so I hate to spend a lot of money.

I decided there had to be a solution after spending $7 for a small fringed toy similar to the one in the picture and having it lay in shreds at the bottom of the cage after only a couple of days.  I started bypassing the bird section of the store and heading for cat and dog toys.   I can get the rope shown in the bird cage for .97¢,  I tie it to the top of their cage and they have a blast playing with it.


Mama Hen



I went to lock up the chickens for the night and saw that Mama hen finally got all of her babies on the roost  with her.  She’s such a good mama.

More good deals by Price Matching


Made another quick trip to grab these deals:  Remember , you can price match at your local Walmart.  I picked up a few items on Friday using the same coupons (price matching with Albertsons and Super 1 Foods), you can check that post out here.



Total before price matches/coupons = $59.63

Total after price matches / coupons = $16.88


DIY – Peg Board Jewelry Holder

IMG_0042 copy


I have had this pegboard for several years now.   I have had it vertical and horizontal and have changed the color a couple of times.  This is such an easy DIY project that even if you feel you have no carpentry skills, you can make this.

This weeks Walmart Price Matches

Good deals 10-15-14

I love this time of the year.  Not because of the cooler weather or because I can wear those big sweaters that hide the weight I gained since last year but because it’s the time of the year that baking products go on sale.

Albertsons has had some great deals lately and I was excited to see a few  deals this week.  Since I won’t be near an Albertsons in the next few days, I went to Wal-Mart and did some price matching.  Here is what I picked up…

  • 8 cans of Del Monte vegetables  @.50 (reg .98) = $4.00  (reg  $7.84)
  • 4 cans of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls @ 1.00 (reg 2.18) = $4.00 (reg $8.72)
  • 3 packages of Betty Crocker cornbread mix @.25 (reg .48) = .75 (reg $1.44)
  • 3 packages of Bisquick cheese  garlic mix @ .75 (reg $1.00) = $2.25 (reg $3.00)
  • 5 packages Werther’s candy @1.00 (reg $1.98 ) - $1.00 printable coupon or $1.00 printable coupon for sugar free = Free (reg $9.90)


Total Regular Price   $30.90

Total after price match   $11.00



Peanut Butter Frosted Brownie Stacks

peanut butter brownie 2 (533x800)

I was craving peanut butter and chocolate and unfortunately I didn’t have any Reese’s peanut butter cups in the house. Digging around in the pantry, I noticed that I had a box of brownie mix.  Chocolate problem solved…now for the peanut butter part.  A little peanut butter, powdered sugar, and butter and viola…..Peanut Butter Frosted Brownie Stack is born.

The best part is that the frosting and brownies can be made ahead of time.  You can make the brownie base any size or shape you want or need.  Add frosting and leave in single layers or stay as high as you would like.

Pear Preserves with Vanilla & Cinnamon


pear preserves (556x800)

I’m having Deja vu as I sit staring at a bowl of beautiful pears.  I have had an abundance of fruit this year and I constantly find myself staring at bowls of fruit contemplating what I want to make with them.

The recipe I’m sharing in this post is for pear preserves.   I used the peelings from these pears to make the pear honey and it turned out amazing.   I will be posting the recipe for that later.

This recipe turn out so great that I decided to make some apple preserves using the same recipe.  You can check out my Apple Preserves recipe here.

Cinnamon ~ Vanilla Apple Preserves


apple preserves_edited-1 (800x627)

The pear preserves I made tasted so great that I decided to use the same recipe for my Cinnamon Vanilla Apple Preserves.  The only changes I made was to add less sugar.  I made three batches making the first batch exactly like the pears and decreasing the sugar on the second and third batches.  The apples I used were sweet and didn’t need all of the extra sugar.  My advise would be to start with less sugar and do a taste test adding sugar as needed.

New Baby Chicks



I usually don’t hatch baby chicks in the fall but the coyotes have left me with only 15 chickens and I had a hen that wouldn’t get off her nest so I decided to let her hatch a few eggs.  I now have six adorable babies.


Naples, Italy ( seeing Naples through my great grandfathers eyes)


I can’t believe I didn’t take many videos on my European vacation.  I was so busy walking and shooting there wasn’t much time to stop and video anything but I didn’t manage to shoot this video when we arrived in Naples, Italy.

Naples, Italy


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