Impossibly Easy BLT Pie

Impossibly Easy BLT Pie

I ran across this recipe on the Betty Crocker website and it looked so good, I had to share it.

Our Newest Chicks

Polish chicks

I was excited to come home from vacation and see new baby chicks.


Ginger is my mother hen and I usually let her raise all babies.  The three chicks with black coloring are Polish babies and the yellow one is a silkie.

FARMHOUSE FRIDAY – A Burst of Beautiful

Alicia and Nick at A Burst of Beautiful have a beautiful, light-filled home.  I’m so excited to be able to share it with you today.  You can check out their website and entire home HERE.

The author states that the kitchen is her favorite room in the home.  I can see why… it’s beautiful !

A modern farmhouse kitchen boasts classic white cabinets, open shelving and a soothing neutral color palette | A Burst of Beautiful:

A modern farmhouse kitchen boasts classic white cabinets, open shelving and a soothing neutral color palette | A Burst of Beautiful:

The dining room and living room are one large open space.  There are plenty of windows which bathes the rooms with natural light.

Bright and Neutral Living Room and Dining Room - A Burst of Beautiful:

Vinegar Vs. Dishwasher Rinse Aids


DIY Homemade Natural Dishwasher Rinse Aid Recipe (Jet Dry Agent)

I ran across this article about using vinegar as a natural dishwasher rinse aid over at Handy and Homemade.    There are a couple of suggestions on how to use the vinegar in the dishwasher (put in your rinse aid dispenser or put in a bowl on the top rack)    I have been doing this for years and it works great.  And best of all, it’s cheap!  Go to the store and compare the cost of a bottle of vinegar to a bottle of jet dry (or comparable brand).






Farmhouse Exterior. Real Farmhouse Home Exterior. Farmhouse Exterior Ideas. #Farmhouse #FarmhouseExterior. M. Barnes & Co.

When I ran across this farmhouse, I knew I had to share.  Using my two favorite colors, blue & green, the interior designer Marci Barnes from M. Barnes & Co created this beautiful home.

Located only an hour from Dallas, this house has about 4,500 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4½ bathrooms, plus a pool house.

Dining Room Drapery. Dining Room Drapery Fabric. Dining Room Fabric is Cowtan & Tout. #Drapery #DraperyFabric #CowtanTout

The dining room features soft shades of blue and green, casual textures and a comfortable furniture.

Open Floor Layout. Open floor plan. Main floor with an open floor plan. #OpenFloorPlan #OpenLayout #OpenConcept #MainFloor M. Barnes & Co.

With an open layout, this family room feels connected and it has plenty of space for everyone in the family.

Barbu d’Uccle or Belgian d’Uccle Chickens

I have several D’uccle’s and they are one of my favorite chickens.  I currently have Millie Fleurs, Porcelain,  and Golden Neck.  Hopefully, I will be able to hatch more this summer.

Self Blue d'uccle Bantam Chicken Rooster:



Lemon mille fleur booted bantam by Jennifer:



Growing tomatoes


  • If you’re planting seeds (versus purchasing transplants), you’ll want to start your seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the average last spring frost date.
  • Select a site with full sun and well-drained soil. For northern regions, is is VERY important that your site receives at least 6 hours of sun. For southern regions, light afternoon shade will help tomatoes survive and thrive.
  • Two weeks before transplanting seedlings outdoors, till soil to about 1 foot and mix in aged manure, compost, or fertilizer.
  • Harden off transplants for a week before moving outdoors.
  • Transplant after last spring frost when the soil is warm. See our Best Planting Dates for Transplants for your region.
  • Establish stakes or cages in the soil at the time of planting. Staking keeps developing fruit off the ground, while caging let’s the plant hold itself upright. Some sort of support system is recommended, but sprawling can also produce fine crops if you have the space, and if the weather cooperates.
  • Plant seedlings two feet apart.
  • Pinch off a few of the lower branches on transplants, and plant the root ball deep enough so that the remaining lowest leaves are just above the surface of the soil.
  • Water well to reduce shock to the roots.


farm friday - white rustic sign_edited-1

The Farmhouse this week comes from City Farmhouse.  I love how white and bright this farmhouse is but instead of looking cold,  it has a cozy neutral feel.  I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I did.

Vegetable Garden Layouts / Plans

I have been trying to plan my new vegetable garden.  I have spent hours on Pinterest searching for the perfect layout.  I never thought it would be this hard to decide on a garden plan.  I have been planting in my little 4 x 8 square foot garden for years but alas, the boards decided to give out and the chickens decided it was their personal dirt bath.

In my search, I have come across some beautiful garden plans and thought I would share some of them with you.  Hopefully, you will be inspired to create your own garden or just add to the one you already have.

This beginner is off to a great start with her cinder block garden -->


I think I have decided on something similar to this and plan to make it 8 x 16.



Vegetable garden | 1001 Gardens....Vegetable Garden inside a picket:



farm friday - white rustic sign_edited-1

The owner of this beautiful home says she finds “French country style is very warm and inviting, and it’s the most compelling to me because it’s a combination of beauty and comfort.”  She definietly brings her love of French country design into her home.  Hope you enjoy the tour.

An antique bed covered with mosquito netting serves as both a day bed for naps and a sofa in an outdoor living room when paired with rocking Adirondack chairs and a rolling cart repurposed as a side table.

On the other end of the 12- by 50-foot back deck sits a long antique scrubbed pine table for outdoor dinner parties. Though probably American, the table takes on a French country vibe when topped with white and blue linens and vintage glassware and dishes.


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