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It’s the middle of July and it’s hot here in Southern Arkansas.  I mean over one hundred degrees every day HOT!  When  it’s this hot, I hate turning on the stove to cook meals and no one really wants to eat a heavy meal anyway.  We have started eating a lot of sandwiches and fresh vegetables from the garden and to be honest,  I’m tired of eating sandwiches.

Enter…pasta salads.  I want to make a pasta salad tonight. Now I have to decide which one.

Below are some recipes that I ran across during my search.  They all look amazing so I may be eating a lot of pasta salad in the future.


Bacon and Avocado Macaroni Salad - Loaded with fresh avocado and applewood smoked bacon tossed in a lemon-thyme dressing!





Though an unexpected choice, spaghetti noodles are a delicious alternative to noodles in this yummy salad. Get the recipe at Six Sisters' Stuff. RELATED: Delicious Summer Picnic Recipes to Try






The potent taste of Cheddar, coupled with celery and pepper, creates a sharp, vibrant pasta salad the whole family will love. Get the recipe at Center Cut Cook.   Creamy Cheddar Pasta Salad




A new spin on the picnic classic, this dish combines pasta with egg salad for a truly original dish. Get the recipe at 52 Ways to Cook.







Get a healthy dose of veggies with this broccoli-filled dish. Get the recipe at Pics and Pastries.






This 20-minute pasta salad features feta, basil, artichoke hearts, and cucumbers. Get the recipe at Two Peas and Their Pod.






Like Caesar salad? Just add pasta for a creamy, crunchy pasta salad. Get the recipe at Spicy Southern Kitchen.




Add Greek flavors (garlic, olives, artichokes, and rich feta cheese) to satisfy your pasta salad cravings. Get the recipe at A Family Feast.





Just add pasta to this classic Italian salad for a hearty meal featuring light, simple flavors. Get the recipe at The Recipe Critic.






Chicken adds protein to this zesty, Mexican-inspired pasta salad. Get the recipe at Butter With a Side of Bread.



This pasta salad combines all the classic club sandwich toppings—avocado, bacon, chicken, cheddar, and tomatoes—in one delicious bowl. Get the recipe at Cook, Crave, Inspire.









Those protein-packed black beans will keep you full longer. Get the recipe at She Wears Many Hats.






Just like a loaded baked potato, this recipe features creamy cheeses, savory bacon, and crunchy broccoli. Get the recipe at The Midnight Baker.





Summer is seafood season and this pasta salad is the perfect way to celebrate this tasty time of year. Get the recipe at Wine and Glue.





This dish is loaded with seafood—crab, shrimp, lobster!—meaning it tastes out of this world good. Get the recipe at Culinary Hill.






Fresh herbs and lemon juice make this a zesty side dish that's bound to be a crowd favorite at your next cookout. Get the recipe at The Seasoned Mom.






This recipe takes the world's best appetizer and turns it into a pasta salad dish. Genius! Get the recipe at Cook Crave Inspire.






Goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes are a match made in pasta salad heaven. Get the recipe at Valerie's Kitchen.






Calling all Mediterranean food fans: This recipe features Greek favorites like feta, kalamata olives, fresh dill, and of course, Greek yogurt. Get the recipe at Spicy Southern Kitchen.











A little sprinkle of taco seasoning mix is the key to this punchy pasta dish. Get the recipe at The Girl Who Ate Everything.






Loaded with tangy lime flavor and sweet corn, this fresh twist on Mexican street corn is going to be the highlight of your summer. Get the recipe at Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice.












Even picky eaters will love this recipe—because who doesn't love pizza?! Get the recipe at The Girl Who Ate Everything.






Take your pasta salad from side dish territory to the appetizer table with this tasty recipe. Get the recipe at This Gal Cooks.






Creamy Bacon Tomato and Avocado Pasta Salad:

Creamy Bacon Tomato and Avocado Pasta Salad

Go-to pasta salad this summer for all the pot-lucks, BBQs and patio dinners that are sure to come up.

Get the recipe at Life’s Ambrosia


BBQ Ranch Pasta Salad with chicken and crunchy corn chips.BBQ Ranch Pasta Salad

BBQ Ranch Pasta Salad is sure to become a picnic favorite this spring and summer. It’s creamy and full of smoky flavor

Get the recipe at Spicy Southern Kitchen 









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