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Tunis, Africa (الجمهورية التونسية)

Tunis, Africia

The above photo is what it looked like as we arrived in the Port of (La Goulette). It had been raining and we could see this beautiful rainbow from our Balcony.


 Is this what you would picture if you arrived in Africa?

a6Like in most ports, the sunrise was stunning.

Medina of Tunis (تونس‎ )

Medina of Tunis

Every place we went to on our vacation, Heather found a cat to pet.  I’m going to have to do a whole post on cats of Europe :).

Medina of Tunis


Carthage, Tunisia ~ Punic and Roman Ruins

Carthage, Tunisia  ~ Punic and Roman Ruins

Carthage is a suburb of  Tunis, Tunisia,  situated at the site of the ancient capital of the Carthaginian empire.  It was little more than an agricultural village for nine hundred years until the middle of the 20th century; since then it has grown rapidly as an upscale coastal suburb.

Carthage, Tunisia  ~ Punic and Roman Ruins


Carthage, Tunisia  ~ Punic and Roman Ruins

 I snapped this pictures as we drove by.  I loved the wooly coats on the sheep and the thick coat on the person holding the sheep.  It wasn’t that cold outside (around 60) but hey, I’m from Arkansas and 60 degrees the first of March is considered warm.

Sidi Bou Said, Africa (سيدي بو سعيد‎)

Sidi Bou Said, Africa

Sidi Bou Said, Africa  was one of the places I was the most excited to see.  Having looked at numerous photos and read many articles, I wanted to see this quaint white washed town with accents of blue.  We only had the chance to see a very small portion of the town because we were forced to go to a store that sold perfume and that is the only place we were allowed to go.  I took these photos on the walk from the bus to the shop and through the tour bus windows.

Sidi Bou Said, Africa

Like most of the countries we visited around the Mediterranean, there were orange trees lining the sidewalks.

Bardo National Museum in Tunis – Part 2

Bardo National Museum, - Tunis, Africa


When we arrived at the Bardo National Museum, it was filled with students.  There are certain days of the week that they get in free so it was packed with young men and women along with other tour groups.

The young girl in the yellow head piece was the first to approach my daughter.  The girl didn’t speak English but she held out her cell phone indicating that she wanted to have her picture made with Heather.  After a friend took their picture, another group of girls came over to have their picture made.  Soon there was a line of boys and girls waiting to have their picture made with the “Americans.”


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