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Bardo National Museum in Tunis – Part 2

Bardo National Museum, - Tunis, Africa


When we arrived at the Bardo National Museum, it was filled with students.  There are certain days of the week that they get in free so it was packed with young men and women along with other tour groups.

The young girl in the yellow head piece was the first to approach my daughter.  The girl didn’t speak English but she held out her cell phone indicating that she wanted to have her picture made with Heather.  After a friend took their picture, another group of girls came over to have their picture made.  Soon there was a line of boys and girls waiting to have their picture made with the “Americans.”


Bardo National Museum in Tunis – Part 1

Bardo National Museum


One of the places my daughter wanted to see while we  were in Europe was the Bardo National Museum in North Africa.  Her eyes would light up as she touted the accolades of this museum while i’m sure that my eyes were lackluster at the idea of spending so much of my free time walking through a museum.  I knew I would be following behind, watching her excitement as she looked at the history surrounding her.

Though I don’t have the passion for history that my daughter does, I did enjoy the museum and would recommend that you check it out if you ever find yourself in Tunis.

Bardo National Museum


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