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My news chicks….


One of my daughters friends (and one of my “adoptive” daughters),  came to visit me Sunday.   When asked if I would like a few more chickens I told her I would love to have some silkies and if she had any.

Well….she brought me 22 silkies…..along with some d’uccles, cochins, seabrights, brahmas, creasted chickens, plus some others that I can’t remember.  In total, my flock has increased by something close to 70.  Yep…that’s  70 chickens with most of them being only a few days old.

I only had 13 to begin with so that was a huge increase.


Brahma Chickens

chickens 1

I snapped this picture of a pair of my Brahma Chickens yesterday.  The are one of the few pair I have left after fighting off coyotes, hawks, and raccoon for the past year.   I have found them to be a hardy breed but haven’t had much luck in hatching babies from them.

Brahma Chickens

Brahmas are gentle giants with feathered legs and feet and they remind me of Brahma cattle with their “muscled” looking body.  Originally from India, these birds were bred for meat production, though the hens lay quiet well and are great setters and mothers.  This fancy breed of chicken makes a great pet for its quiet spirit, tolerance to the cold, and their wonderful personality.  I have found some of my Brahmas to be standoffish though they do seem to get along with the other chickens quiet well.

Here are some other Brahma Chickens I found on Pinterest.

blue partridge Brahma

Blue Partridge Brahma (source: pinterest)


red-pyle-brahma chicken

Red Pyle Brahma (source: pinterest)


2 Chickens ~ 1 Nest


A couple of weeks ago I post a picture of Ginger sitting on her nest of 12 eggs.  She is now sitting on a nest of 23 eggs.  It’s the middle of November and I have never had babies hatch in the winter so I’m not really sure what to expect.
My black silkie, Kramer, had decided that she wants to lay her eggs in Ginger’s  box so every morning she scoots her over and lays her egg.  This means that every evening I have to search for the extra egg.  I finally marked all of the 23 eggs with an x so I can find any that don’t belong.



* UPDATE :  We have babies ! and we still have two hens.


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