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My chickens are growing up.

My little ones are getting bigger and I can tell what most of them are now.  There are a few exceptions like the Cochin below.  I also have several white crested polish but the one shown below has gold on the front.

white crested polish

White Crested Polish

black silkies

Black Silkie


Easter Egger

Easter Egger


My Chickens ~ Easter Eggers

26I haven’t had any hens in several years that laid colored eggs so I was excited when a friend  offered me two hens.  I don’t know if the hens I have had in the past was Ameraucanas, Americanas, or Easter Eggers.  They laid everything from blue to green eggs and I have missed those beautiful colored eggs.

I haven’t had any eggs yet from these young hens but I  can’t wait to see what color they lay.  I understand that they mainly lay blue or green eggs, but they may lay any egg color, including tinted, white, brown or even pinkish eggs.



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