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Mid-Life Crisis Coop

Isn’t this chicken coop amazing?  It’s a little over the top for me (meaning I would love to have it but not going to put in the time and cost to build it)  but I loved the story behind the little coop as much as I loved the actual chicken coop.

Even if you don’t own chickens, you will enjoy how one man’s mid-life crisis morphed into what you see in the photo.  You can check it out HERE.


Plans for a simple coop.

chicken coop


I’m always on the lookout for chicken coop plans so when I ran across this and thought is was a great easy coop for those that need detailed plans (like me).    I got this from plan from here. 


Chicken Coop DIY Project.

I love to find tutorials on building chicken coops.  Here is another one for you to drool over….



Chicken Coop Plan


If you are thinking about building a chicken cooop, here is a plan you may want to check out at

chicken coop

Page Contents
1: About the chicken coop
2: Wood sizes and measurements you are on this page
3: The materials list
4: The flat plan
5: The front elevation plan
6: The side elevation plan
7: The nesting boxes and storage area plans
8: Making the floor and the wall frames
9: Making the nests and the roof frame
10: Fixing the wall cladding (siding)
11: Fixing the roof boards and battens
12: Door, hatchway, and windows
13: The perch, the mesh and ventilation
14: Photos – other peoples handiwork
15: User Photos/Comments




Heather Bullard from Country Living Magazine

I’ll admit it…I have chicken coop envy.  There, I’ve said it.  I love looking at chicken coops and dreaming of the day I build new coops.  I think I’m actually more envious of the cleanliness of the coops.  For instance, the owner/builder of this coop has six chickens.  I have around 50 which explains why hers is so much cleaner.

Here’s to those who also have chicken coop envy…..

If you would like to read an interview from Heather Bullard from Country Living Magazine you check it out here at Fresh Eggs Daily.


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