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Our Newest Chicks

Polish chicks

I was excited to come home from vacation and see new baby chicks.


Ginger is my mother hen and I usually let her raise all babies.  The three chicks with black coloring are Polish babies and the yellow one is a silkie.


This is what happens when your chicken…….

hen 3


This is what happens when your chicken gets into thing they shouldn’t.  Now I just hope our water doesn’t freeze tonight since it no longer has a cover.



Chickens enjoying Christmas treat

Here are my babies checking out their Christmas treat.

Chickens enjoying Christmas treat

Of course, after a couple of minutes of inspection, they dive right into the cake.

Chickens enjoying Christmas treat

Here is my little frizzle running off with part of the marshmallow snowman.  Those pretzel arms sure came in handy.


Updates from the Chicken Coop….

1 (588x800)

It was a pretty day after yesterday’s storm so I decided to get out take some pictures of my chickens.  If you have read some of my past post, you know that a friend gave me 65 baby chicks this summer.  They are now several months old and I can tell if most of them are roosters or hen though I am still trying to identify some of the breeds.

4 (542x800)

One of my adorable Millie Fleurs

6 (533x800)

Here is one of my Partridge Cochins.



My chickens enjoying fall watermelons


It’s almost the end of October and we still have watermelons.  Not only is this great for me, but my chickens are also enjoying this fall bounty.  At least what we can save from the coyotes who tend to  love them as much as we do.



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