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Black Cochin:




Updates from the Chicken Coop….

1 (588x800)

It was a pretty day after yesterday’s storm so I decided to get out take some pictures of my chickens.  If you have read some of my past post, you know that a friend gave me 65 baby chicks this summer.  They are now several months old and I can tell if most of them are roosters or hen though I am still trying to identify some of the breeds.

4 (542x800)

One of my adorable Millie Fleurs

6 (533x800)

Here is one of my Partridge Cochins.



My chickens are growing up.

My little ones are getting bigger and I can tell what most of them are now.  There are a few exceptions like the Cochin below.  I also have several white crested polish but the one shown below has gold on the front.

white crested polish

White Crested Polish

black silkies

Black Silkie


Easter Egger

Easter Egger


More Pictures of my New Chicks

Here are a few pics of some of my new babies….


Blue Silkie

Cream Brabanter or Tolbunt Polish ???

Cream Brabanter or Tolbunt Polish ???


My news chicks….


One of my daughters friends (and one of my “adoptive” daughters),  came to visit me Sunday.   When asked if I would like a few more chickens I told her I would love to have some silkies and if she had any.

Well….she brought me 22 silkies…..along with some d’uccles, cochins, seabrights, brahmas, creasted chickens, plus some others that I can’t remember.  In total, my flock has increased by something close to 70.  Yep…that’s  70 chickens with most of them being only a few days old.

I only had 13 to begin with so that was a huge increase.


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