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Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and for Natalie and Tim Hamm, it inspired a livelihood. The couple, who married as teenagers while Tim was studying at Ole Miss, didn't have a lot of disposable income for interior design pursuits. "We would go to yard sales, find furniture, and fix it up," says Natalie. Tim became so good at rehab that he decided to try his hand at building things from scratch. "People started asking to buy it, and that's when we decided we should start selling it," she says. Today, they manufacture custom wood furniture and swing beds—built by Tim, painted by Natalie—through their company, Hammmade Furniture.Come along for a peek inside this Mississippi farmhouse farmhouse that belongs to Natalie and Tim Hamm.  I think what attracted me to this house was that, though it is large, it looks more like a cottage.  I love the light whites throughout the house with pops of color.

Oh…and the wood.  I just love the warm wood against the cool white.  It’s the perfect balance.

What is your favorite part of the house?



Mississippi Farmhouse



Much of the Hamms' home is crafted from reclaimed items, starting with the salvaged front door and heart-pine floors extracted from an old industrial building. 




Can’t wait for you to see this house!  I haven’t posted any Farmhouse Tours in awhile…Life just seems to get in the way but as soon as I saw this house, I knew I had to share.

Are you ready for me to tell you where you can see all of this house?  It’s  THISTLEWOOD FARMS!

I know that once you see these photos you are going to want more so hope on over to ThistleWood Farms and check out her entire blog.

No only do you get the see all of the home decor but a ton of amazing projects and decorating ideas.


Life Lessons From a House


Life Lessons From a House


FARMHOUSE TOUR ~ Peonies and Orange Blossoms


I love this Farmhouse tour that I ran across on Peonies & Orange Blossoms.  This is a decor and lifestyle  blog about European-influenced decor, fashion and travel.  There is also some pretty good recipes so be sure to check it out.

The photos below are just a few of the tour.  You can check out the entire post HERE.

Touring a French farmhouse


FARMHOUSE TOUR ~ An Inspired Nest


gorgeous farmhouse style bedroom:

I love Farmhouses and am always on the lookout for home tours and DIY projects.  I love white and gray so it’s no surprise that I fell in love with this bedroom.

Of course, I had to find the website that this bedroom belonged to and that is how I discovered The Inspired Nest. I know after you see the pictures below that you will want to hop on over and check out her site.



FARMHOUSE TOUR ~ Simply Beautiful by Angela

I love this house!  I’m especially in love with the little boy’s bedroom since I have a young grandson.

You can check out photos from around her house below but there are so many great ideas in this home that you will want to hop on over to Simply Beautiful by Angela and check out all of her posts.

She also has some great DIY projects for the home that you won’t want to miss.




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