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12 Mexican Faves You Can Make in the Slow Cooker

Schedule a stress-free Mexican night with help from the trusty slow cooker

I am always on the lookout for easy and quick recipes, especially those that can be done in a slow cooker.  I was excited when I saw these recipes on Pillsbury’s web site and wanted to share them with you.
 Let me know if you try any of the recipes.




I’ve never met a tortellini that I didn’t like.  Hot soup or cold salad….if it has tortellini, it’s going to be good.

This Tortellini with Italian Sausage is such an easy recipe and it only takes one pot which means that not only does it taste great,  but there’s only one pot to wash.  Dinner doesn’t get any easier than this.


Ham & Smoked Sausage Lasagna

Ham & Sausage Lasagna

Twelve years ago, I ate this Ham and Smoked Sausage Lasagna at a friends house and absolutely loved it.  She was kind enough to give me the recipe and I have been making it from this little sheet of paper every since.


This lasagna is very different from other lasagna recipes.  Part of the appeal of this recipe is that it is on the milder, less greasy side and it’s super easy to make.  No chopping onions or adding spices or special cheese needed.  This is really great for someone that can’t eat the harsher sausages that can be found in some lasagna recipes.


The Best Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers Ever!

I use this mixture in a lot of recipes but I originally started using it to stuff Jalapeno peppers.  If you like this mixture, check out my stuffed squash & zucchini recipe here.  Even people that don’t like squash will like it prepared this way.

The best part of this recipe is that the stuffing consist of only three ingredients.  Sausage, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese.  It just doesn’t get any easier than this!



Need a simple easy meal?
Make a Roast or Pork Loin with Vegetables…
I throw a roast (I used a preseasoned pork loin) into the crockpot when I leave for work in morning, turn it on low, and nine hours later…Viola !

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