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Toulon, France

Toulon, France

 Toulon, France

 The third stop on our  cruise was in Toulon, France.   This was one of those stops where we had a guide book in hand as we left the ship.  We walked to the bus stop and looked for the bus number the guide book said to take.  There was no such bus number and we couldn’t find anyone that spoke English though we did have a French man try to help.  We finally gave up and  decided  to just explore the town.  I can’t say I didn’t enjoy Toulon because I did but we decided the we would spend the money and take guided tours for the rest of the cruise.  We had spent to much time and money to get there and not see what we wanted to see.

Toulon, France.We had a blast shopping with the street vendors.  We ended up purchasing some scarves and sweaters since it was cool that morning and we hadn’t worn our coats.

Toulon, FranceThis church was beautiful and the doors were open so we were able to look inside.  Like most of the churches we saw in Europe, it was beautiful.

Toulon, FranceOf course when  you are in France, you have to stop by a bakery.


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