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Another Beautiful Beach on Oahu.  Seeing these beautiful large turtles was awe inspiring.  It was a little scary when you were in the water with them and they brushed up against you but what a privledge to be there.
Turtle Bay 1
turtle bay 4
turtle bay 3
turtle bay 7
We don’t have turtle like this back in Arkansas.  These things were HUGE !  And to be perfectly honest, it was a little scary having them brush up against you while in the water.
turtle bay 2
turtle bay 5
This is my daughter with my youngest cousin.  Isn’t he adorable?
turtle bay 6
We all took turns posing with the magnificent creatures.
Here is a group picture, right before the incident….
and here is the group shot right after.
The turtle actually threw up a huge spray of sand and water into our eyes and mouths..  As you can see, the front row received most of the blow.
The man on the left seems to be watching the whole thing.

This is the bottom of whatever sea creature that is in the picture show above.


KANEOHE, HAWAII (Fruit & Flowers)

I took these pictures when I visited my cousins in Kaneohe, Hawaii.  We took a walk around the neighborhood and I  carried my camera along.  All of these beautiful flowers and fruit were on the side of the road.  Even all of the fruit trees.  I was in heaven being able to pick up all of the wonderful fruit just laying in the road.  We enjoyed fresh mangos, starfruit , and avocado.
Anyone that has ever been to Hawaii or any tropical island knows how beautiful it is.
This plumeria smelled just heavenly.

This plant here is the only one I ventured into someone’s yard for.  It was so unique that I just had to get a picture of it.

You can see where this bougainnvillea was just hanging over the sidewalk.

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