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Our 24 hr Whirlwind Tour of Rome

Have a long layover in Rome?  Think you can’t afford to fly to another country for just one day?  You would be amazed at what you can see and do in just 24 hours.
You can check out all of my travel adventures along with travel tips at Southern Blue Traveler.


A visit to the Colosseum is at the top of the list for any first time visitor to Rome. This was my second trip to Rome but my first visit to the Colosseum.  The Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill are next to the Colosseum and your admission ticket coveres all three places.

You can read about my visit to the Colosseum on my travel blog Southern Blue Traveler.  

I have added inforamtion that may be helpful before you arrive and give you an idea of what to expect when you get there.

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Europe Photo Book Completed !

My photo/ scrapbook from our European vacation.:
It took me over a year to complete this photo book.  I used to purchase albums, paper, stickers, and all of the other paraphernalia that goes along with scrapbooking but the cost had become overwhelming.  I decided to do digital scrapbooking and started researching publishing companies. Mixbook had the best reviews and what I thought was the most professional looking finished product.
 That was several books ago and I just got in my newest book in the mail yesterday.  I am beyond thrilled.
I have one wedding book and the others are travel books.  These books make the perfect gift and I’m currently working on a wedding album for my nephew and niece.
The books will hold up to  300 pages.  My Europe book has 261 pages so that gives you an idea of how thick a book they can create.  Most of my books are only be around 50 pages.
If  you print your photos for scrapbooking, you know how expensive it can be. My local Walmart charges $2.84 for an 8×10 so multiply that by 261.  With sales tax, the cost would be $811.66.  I can have a professional looking, hardback, bound book for a fraction of that so it is such a cost effective way to go.
If you would like to see my personal albums, you can check out my Europealbum  HERE. You can also check out my Jamaica album HERE.

Cinque Terre, Italy

At the top of my bucket list was to travel to Manarola – Cinque Terre, Italy to see this view.  How blessed I am to be able to enjoy this beautiful village.

I wrote several post about visiting this beautiful area of Italy which you can check out HERE.


Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy


Here is a short video I took of the Leaning Tower of Pisa when my daughter and I visited Italy.  You will have to excuse the shaky start.

You can check out the post of our visit  HERE.

I love photography but photos just could not capture the feel of standing in awe of this massive tower with the sound of the bell echoing off the beautiful old buildings.


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