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Nora Archaeological Site in Sardinia, Italy

Ruins of Nora

Where should we go?  This is the first question one faces when planning a vacation.  There are so many places in the world to visit which made choosing a cruise a difficult task.  She would pick a date and  read me a list of various port stops.  When she mentioned Sardinia in one of the itineraries I told her to stop, we have found the perfect cruise, I wanted to go to Sardinia.

The desire to go to Sardinia came from hours spent pinning beautiful travel destinations on Pinterest.  I had pinned many pictures of Sardinia showing beautiful clear water.  So clear that it the boats looked like they were floating on air.  I wanted to see this water for myself.  We booked our trip and visions of the clear water danced in my mind.  I dreamed, I drooled, I read everything about Sardinia.  I was beyond excited !

Unfortunately, I forgot to check the location of these beaches.  My daughter looked over all of the our excursion options and told me that we would not be able to go the beach that I had seen on Pinterest,  It was on the other side of the island and was not an option.  Besides, my daughter was looking forward to seeing the ancient ruins of Nora.

So we ended up choosing an excursion called  Nora – A walk through ancient times.  It ended up being a beautiful day that we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Ruins of Nora, Sardinia


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