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Keeping it Real


I have always loved bloggers who keep it real.  By that I mean that they show you the good and the bad.  You get to see the beautiful food they prepared and also the food they burned.  You get to share in the happiness and their sadness.  They show you their great pictures and the not-so-great pictures.

So in an effort to keep it real….here is a photo of me doing a radio interview.  I was in the middle of talking when this photo was taken.  It has been suggested that I look like I’m about to sneeze, throw up,  or possibly I am in pain.

Yep…that horrible pictures is of me….51 year old woman who hates to do interviews….I stutter, my voice changes, and my mouth goes dry which makes me lick my lips a lot  and you can just imagine how attractive that is on live TV!


Cheap toys for Pet Birds

cheap toys


I have had parakeets for many years and I love to buy them new toys.  Most of the time, they tear them up fairly quickly so I hate to spend a lot of money.

I decided there had to be a solution after spending $7 for a small fringed toy similar to the one in the picture and having it lay in shreds at the bottom of the cage after only a couple of days.  I started bypassing the bird section of the store and heading for cat and dog toys.   I can get the rope shown in the bird cage for .97¢,  I tie it to the top of their cage and they have a blast playing with it.



Tunisia, Africa


Tunisia, Africa

When I think of Africa, I think of tigers, lions, elephants, and giraffe walking across vast areas of arid plains.  Maybe throw in a jungle or two but for the most part I’m thinking safari.

Tunisia, Africa

4 (640x427)

What I wasn’t thinking was beautiful tropical beaches but that is what I found.  We docked in La Goulette, Tunisia under this beautiful rainbow.  We had decided to take an excursion through the cruise ship since we had heard of many safety concerns in Tunisia.  We had no problems at all but I have heard of people having issues since then and found out that 2 days after we left Tunisia, there was in incident with some tourist from the cruise ship and that the cruise ship no longer stops in Africa.

I am glad we had the opportunity to go the highlight of this port for me was meeting all of the young students at the Bardo National Museum.


Merry Christmas

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