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Here is the second part to my visit with P Allen Smith at Moss Mountain Farms.  My last post toured the first floor of his home.  This week we will travel upstairs to the second and third floor.

If you missed the tour of the first floor, you can check it out HERE.


P Allen has the gorgeous historic bed that dates back to the 1820’s.

p allen smith 31

p allen smith 32


p allen smith 34

Sitting area in the master bedroom

MOODY GARDENS ~ Galveston, Texas

Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas has been on my bucket travel list for many years so when we decided to do a Road Trip along the coast of Texas, I wanted to begin in Galveston so I could go to the Tropical Rainforest.  We decided to go the Aquarium while we were there.  My daughter loved it better than the rainforest.

There are several attractions at Moody Gardens including the Tropical Rainforest, Aquarium Pyramid, MG 3D Theater, 4D Speical FX Theater, Spongebob Subpants Adventure, Discovery Museum, and more.  You can check out their Attractions Page HERE.
Tripp was too small to enjoy the Discovery Museum or go to one of the theaters so I can’t give you any advice on them but I have a few tips on visiting the Rainforest.


Here are some photos I took at the Aquarium at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.  My daughter liked it better than the Rainforest.  You  can check the post about the Rainforest HERE.

Hope, Arkansas


I’m from the small town of Hope, Arkansas.  It is  one of those small towns where almost everything is closed on Sunday where going to Walmart is a social event because you end up visiting more than shopping.

I grew up playing in my front yard for hours,  drinking out of a water hose, riding our bikes around the neighborhood, and catching fireflies “lightening  bugs “until late at night.  All of this was done while  parents worked.  Yes, we were home alone all day but we knew we couldn’t get way with anything since all of the neighbors watched out for each other.  Believe me, if we did something wrong, our parents found out about it.

Here are a few photos of my hometown, Hope,  I took on Sunday afternoon; notice the absence of traffic.


Garden Tour of Moss Mountain Farm – P Allen Smith

P Allen Smith Garden Tour

‘m contintuing  my tour of Moss Mountain Farms with P Allen Smith here with photos of his gardens.

The flower gardens were filled with bright pops of color ; add that to having the Arkansas river as your backdrop and you have a feast for the eyes.

Garden Tour - P Allen Smith

Here are some of the photos of his flower gardens.

P Allen Smith Garden Tour

Garden Tour - P Allen Smith


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