Last year, I purchased a raspberry and blackberry plant.  I also dug up several wild blackberry plants and  planted all of them in a nice neat row.  This year has yielded enough blackberries to make several pints of jelly and some juice to make blackberry lemonade and blackberry cupcakes.

I have Blackberry, Vanilla Blackberry, and Jalapeno Blackberry Jelly pictured above.

If you have access to blackberries and would like to make some jelly, check out the recipe below.

I thought all jelly recipes were the same since each state not to adjust the amount of sugar, water, pectin, etc.  I usually just use the Ball Blue Book for all canning but have recently started using the packet instructions that come inside of my sure-jell.  It gives instructions for smaller batches and works perfect for me.




I love blackberry Lemonade!  Okay, I love any type of lemonade but I have a great fondness for blackberries.  Wendy’s even carried a blackberry lemonade on their menu last year.

I keep blackberry syrup in a cruet in my refrigerator making it simple to grab and add to any recipe.  To make it even easier, I usually purchase lemonade but I have added a recipe below if you want to make your own.

Keep reading for recipe….


Our 24 hr Whirlwind Tour of Rome

Have a long layover in Rome?  Think you can’t afford to fly to another country for just one day?  You would be amazed at what you can see and do in just 24 hours.
You can check out all of my travel adventures along with travel tips at Southern Blue Traveler.



This has been an amazing spring in the garden.  I was making pickles by the end of April and the peaches were large and sweet. Having a warm winter has allowed me to get plants in the ground much earlier than normal.

My mother has been redoing the landscaping in her yard in an attempt to give it a more tropical feel.  Check it out and let me know what you think.



How to Grow ~ PEACHES

Peach trees are not hard to grow but it does seem like it takes forever before they produce fruit.

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you were looking for information on growing peaches.  You have probably read several articles ( I usually read at least ten) on how to successfully grow them, planting techniques, and basically how to keep them from dying.

We have apples, plums, and peach trees.  The small tree in the foreground is a red delicious apple tree that I purchased from Lowe’s last year and I have managed to keep it alive for the past year.  There are also two small peach trees and two apple trees in the photo above.  The peaches on these trees are tiny and I have no idea if they will mature into an edible fruit.

On the other hand, below is a huge peach tree was full of peaches this year.  The most amazing thing about this peach tree is that it was not a purchased tree but grown from a peach from the grocery store.

My mother can grow almost anything and when she bit into one of the best peaches she had ever eaten, she saved the seed and planted it.  Just goes to show you that it doesn’t take a lot of money to have a fruit orchard, just a lot of patience.


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