Should you keep eggs in the refrigerator?

I ran across this article today.  Should you keep eggs in the refrigerator?  I know people who keep them in the refrigerator and I know people that keep them on the counter.  If I were to purchase eggs from the store and they were in the refrigerator at the store, I would put them in the refrigerator when I got home.  There are stores around the world where the eggs are not stored in the refrigerator and I have seen eggs at farmers markets that  were not in the refrigerator.

But I have chickens so the question becomes, how long can you keep them on the counter before putting them in the refrigerator or should you even bother doing that?

Here is what this article has to say about the subject.

So should you keep eggs in the fridge? Scientists crack the age-old argument over whether chilled or room temperature is best

While bakers insist room temperature eggs best bind ingredients together, fridge freaks fear they will go off if not chilled

There are two types of people in the world: those who keep their eggs in the  fridge and those who think room temperature is best.

Each camp is convinced of its own common sense — and regards the other lot as cracked.

The controversy has raged for years and has recently been whisked up once again by a survey that found Britons are the least likely people in Europe to store eggs in the fridge.

Now the Daily Mail has commissioned a scientific study to provide the definitive answer to this vexed question.

The answer may surprise you. But first let’s remind ourselves of the arguments on both sides of the debate.
You can finish reading the article here at The Daily Mail.

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