Chocolate covered strawberry cake (made with little Debbie cakes)

chocolate strawberry cakes

Do you need a sweet and easy treat for your valentine?  I was trying to think of something quick and easy to make for a girls night party last weekend and decided to give this idea a try.  I love to take a purchased item and add touches to it to give it more of a homemade taste.

Cream horns are my usual go-to item when I need to bring a quick dessert to serve at a work function and I even used them at my daughters wedding.  These little chocolate covered strawberry cakes will now be added to my “I don’t have time to bake anything and I need to throw something together quick” recipe though I’m not really sure it can be called a recipe.

Why not give them a try and impress all of your friends with these cute little cake?  You don’t have to tell them you just cut up little Debbie cakes and covered them with chocolate!

I simply melted  almond bark  in the microwave (this would also be good with the white chocolate) and dipped my cut up cakes into the chocolate.  I used the same method that used when I made my homemade version of Dole Banana Dippers. (you can check out the pictures here if you need to see how I place the item on the fork for tapping) .  Tapping the cakes on the side of the bowl of melted chocolate allows the chocolate to run smoothly own the sides of the cake.  If you have trouble with the crumbs getting into your melted chocolate, simply placed the piece of cake on your fork and drizzle the chocolate over the cake and then tap on the side of the bowl.  If you miss a space, spoon more chocolate over the area and tap again.

You can drizzle melted colored chips over the top of the cakes if you want to dress up the cakes a little more.

chocolate strawberry cakes 2


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