Is it a Rooster or Hen?

Is it a rooster or a hen?  This is a common question you get if you raise chickens.  When I hatched chicks, I have used the wing length method.  Hens’ wing feathers will be two different lengths and a roosters will all be the same length.  This has to been done soon after they hatch.

Other than doing that, I just use the wait and see method.  It’s works perfect every time ! Well, at least most of the time.  I had a “Janet” that turned out to be a rooster.  He was a really, really later bloomer.



A friend passed along a great article from Lisa at Fresh Eggs Daily.  It list several tips, some of which work, and some that don’t. It called Cock-A-Doodle….Roo? 11 Ways to Sex your Chicks so head over and check it out.



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