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A lady at my church made these little Christmas trees and snowmen for the kids to decorate.  It was such a cute and easy idea that I thought I would share it with you.

The  Christmas is made like a giant, tree-shaped cake pop.  I found this video that will show you how to make the Christmas Tree Cakes..  The snow man is two large marshmallows held together by frosting and the gift is a brownie covered in red frosting.  You can find food markers at any store that carries baking supplies.  I purchased mine at Walmart.

christmas tree cake 2.jpgc

Give the kids a variety of candies to decorate with and let them create their own sweet treats.  I had m&m’s, gummy life savers, jelly beans, and a variety of Christmas sprinkles on hand.  I also found a bag of pretzels for the snowman arms.


And if  you don’t have kids, do it anyway !  It was so much fun decorating the tree and snowman.  I wish I would have had some Twizzlers so I could have made a scarf for the snowman.  I think this would even be fun for girl’s night.


By the way…chickens love these little Christmas cakes too !

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