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I just ran across this article on the egg wash debate.  I don’t wash my eggs unless I am ready to give the away or I am ready to eat them.  I do place them in the refrigerator, though I don’t believe it’s necessary, since I don’t eat a lot of eggs and I don’t want them sitting on the counter for a long period of time.

Eggs are normally clean and if I happen to come across one that is muddy or dirty, I simply toss it over the fence.  Since I don’t want to risk any kind of contamination, I do give my eggs a good wash before I crack them to use for baking or eating.I did extensive research before deciding

I did extensive research on the safety of leaving eggs on the kitchen counter and though you will find information on both side of the debate, most of the information I read said that it is perfectly safe practice.  Have traveled to several countries, I find that many of our practises are very different from other countries which is probably why I found this article so interesting.

Check out TO WASH OR NOT TO WASH FRESH EGGS over at Livin Lovin Farmin.

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