How to Grow ~ PINEAPPLE


I never thought I would say this but growing pineapple is super easy.  Yep, that fruit that you thought of as being tropical can be grown almost anywhere.  You simply treat them like a houseplant during the winter and set them back out in the spring when the weather gets warm enough.

A few things you should know about pineapple plants:

  • Pineapples don’t need much water. They have very tough leaves so they don’t lose much water through evaporation. They can get by on very little.
  • Pineapples don’t need very much or very deep soil.  I set my pineapple tops on top of  old flower pot filled with dirt.
  •  Pineapples grow in full sun, even in the hottest climates, but they also do well in dappled shade.

Planting Pineapples:

You can get started several ways. Most people will  just use the top of a pineapple they purchased at the grocery store.

Many people will tell you to remove all of the fruit flesh from the top before you plant and to also remove all of the small bottom leaves.

I usually just let it dry out a day or two before placing it on the soil.  It seems to work best for me doing it that way and I have never pulled off the small bottom leaves but maybe I have just been lucky.

I  make a slight hole or indention in the ground or in a pot and stick my pineapple top in it.  Push the soil back in and firm it around the base so the pineapple sits straight and doesn’t fall over. If the soil is dry give it some water.

That’s all there is to it.  Your pineapple will grow slowly.  Depending on your climate it could take two or more years.

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