One of the coolest peppers I have ever grown is an orange, wrinkled looking thing called a Habanada. I saw the seeds while browsing seeds from Baker Creek and the orange color intrigued me. I read that it was the world’s first heatless habanero so I immediately put the little packet of seeds in my cart. I do not like hot peppers so I was excited to try this one.

These peppers were so easy to grow and each there are at least 50 peppers on each plant. They do take time to turn into that bright tangerine color but it is so worth the wait. Just look at these beauties. Of course, you can eat some of the green peppers while you wait.


Soil For Starting Seeds

I purchased my seeds from Baker Creek. I started them indoors but they can also be directly sown.

When I start seeds, I will use a seed starting mix. I either pick it up at my local Walmart or order it from Amazon.

Once the chance of frost has passed, I get them into the ground. I have plant raised beds and use a mixture of soil from our property mixed with potting soil and peat moss.

I planted them in the same bed as my other peppers along with several herbs and then fertilized them when I transplanted them but never did anything else the rest of the summer.


I have not been able to find many recipes using habanada peppers so I decided to pickle some using a Pepperoncini recipe and they turned out great.


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