Heather Bullard from Country Living Magazine

I’ll admit it…I have chicken coop envy.  There, I’ve said it.  I love looking at chicken coops and dreaming of the day I build new coops.  I think I’m actually more envious of the cleanliness of the coops.  For instance, the owner/builder of this coop has six chickens.  I have around 50 which explains why […]

More Chicken Breeds

Here are some more pics of my chickens.  I don’t raise any particular breed of chicken but most of my chickens consist of Silkies, Cochins, and Millie Fleurs.

My Chickens Introduction to Snow….

Most of my chickens have never seen snow. First of all, we don’t get much snow here in southwest Arkansas and second, most are chickens that I have hatched or purchased this year. We received snow on Christmas day and I was excited the next morning to introduce my chickens to it and see their […]



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