Happy Memorial Day

  Happy Memorial Day everyone.  I decided to work today (I know, crazy huh?)  and decided to take  pictures of this old bicycle propped up next to this antique store here in the park.   Don’t you just love it?  

2015 Craft Vendor Jonquil Festival Application

 Click link below for printable jonquil application. 2015 jonquil application pdf       Related

Catalpa Trees ~ Historic Washington State Park

We have several large Catalpa trees at Historic Washington State Park where I work.  I love it every year in the spring when all of the flowers bloom and then begin to fall in all late summer.  It looks like the ground is covered in snow. The leaves on these trees are huge and the […]

Winter at Historic Washington State Park


Winter ~ Historic Washington State Park

Snow just makes everything look beautiful.  Here are some pictures that I took around the park where I work.   It was so beautiful….


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