For the Love of Zinnias

There was a time in my life that I did not care much for zinnias. I have no idea why I didn’t love these easy to grow, colorful flowers. I don’t think I realized that they came in all colors, sizes, and shapes. Now I can’t wait to order new varieties and watch them grow. […]

Garden Tour of Moss Mountain Farm – P Allen Smith

‘m contintuing  my tour of Moss Mountain Farms with P Allen Smith here with photos of his gardens. The flower gardens were filled with bright pops of color ; add that to having the Arkansas river as your backdrop and you have a feast for the eyes. Here are some of the photos of his […]


Jacobs Well in Wimberly, Texas is considered one of the most dangerous diving spots in the world, yet people flock to see it every year.  It has a fantastic history and is one of those rare feats of nature that you can actually get up close and personal with but there are going to be […]

Garvan Woodland Gardens ~ Hot Springs, AR

I had been seeing so many beautiful photos online about the Tulips at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, AR  that I made a quick trip to photograph some of them.  Here is a sample of some of the photos I took.  You can see all of the photos and read the full post on […]

Catalpa Trees ~ Historic Washington State Park

We have several large Catalpa trees at Historic Washington State Park where I work.  I love it every year in the spring when all of the flowers bloom and then begin to fall in all late summer.  It looks like the ground is covered in snow. The leaves on these trees are huge and the […]

Flowers from the Garden

The roses are in full bloom now and are absolutely beautiful. Yellow roses are always my favorite to photograph. The white peonies were the first to bloom and all of the plants are loaded.  This is first pink peony to bloom.     Related

Spring Flowers are blooming on the farm.

It’s spring on the farm again and that means green grass, baby chicks, newborn calves, and beautiful flowers.  Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday.  Hope you enjoy them. Related


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