Our Newest Chicks

I was excited to come home from vacation and see new baby chicks. Ginger is my mother hen and I usually let her raise all babies.  The three chicks with black coloring are Polish babies and the yellow one is a silkie.

This is what happens when your chicken…….

  This is what happens when your chicken gets into thing they shouldn’t.  Now I just hope our water doesn’t freeze tonight since it no longer has a cover. Related


Here are my babies checking out their Christmas treat. Of course, after a couple of minutes of inspection, they dive right into the cake. Here is my little frizzle running off with part of the marshmallow snowman.  Those pretzel arms sure came in handy. Related

Updates from the Chicken Coop….

It was a pretty day after yesterday’s storm so I decided to get out take some pictures of my chickens.  If you have read some of my past post, you know that a friend gave me 65 baby chicks this summer.  They are now several months old and I can tell if most of them […]

My chickens enjoying fall watermelons

It’s almost the end of October and we still have watermelons.  Not only is this great for me, but my chickens are also enjoying this fall bounty.  At least what we can save from the coyotes who tend to  love them as much as we do. My babies are about 4 months old now and […]

My chickens are growing up.

My little ones are getting bigger and I can tell what most of them are now.  There are a few exceptions like the Cochin below.  I also have several white crested polish but the one shown below has gold on the front. White Crested Polish Black Silkie   Easter Egger Penciled Cochin ? My Millie […]

More Pictures of my New Chicks

Here are a few pics of some of my new babies…. Blue Silkie Cream Brabanter or Tolbunt Polish ??? White Frizzle Polish Partridge Cochin Black & White Polish

My Chickens ~ Easter Eggers

I haven’t had any hens in several years that laid colored eggs so I was excited when a friend  offered me two hens.  I don’t know if the hens I have had in the past was Ameraucanas, Americanas, or Easter Eggers.  They laid everything from blue to green eggs and I have missed those beautiful […]

Is it a Rooster or Hen?

Is it a rooster or a hen?  This is a common question you get if you raise chickens.  When I hatched chicks, I have used the wing length method.  Hens’ wing feathers will be two different lengths and a roosters will all be the same length.  This has to been done soon after they hatch. […]

My news chicks….

    One of my daughters friends (and one of my “adoptive” girls),  came to visit me Sunday.   She had asked me if I wanted any more chickens.  I told her I would love to have some silkies and if she had any.   Well….she brought me 22 silkies…..along with some d’uccles, cochins, seabrights, […]

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

When I pulled into my driveway this afternoon, I could see the sun shining between the dark clouds and loved the way it lit up my blue chair.  I ran into the house and grabbed my camera and headed out the back door.   It was nice to see the sunshine since I had spent […]

Mama Hen w/ Baby Chick

  I had to grab my camera when I let my mama hen out for the first time with her baby chick.  The chick had a great time scratching in the dirt and trailing along behind it’s mama. Related

Mama Hen

  I went to lock up the chickens for the night and saw that Mama hen finally got all of her babies on the roost  with her.  She’s such a good mama.

New Baby Chicks

I usually don’t hatch baby chicks in the fall but the coyotes have left me with only 15 chickens and I had a hen that wouldn’t get off her nest so I decided to let her hatch a few eggs.  I now have six adorable babies. Related

Saying Goodbye to My Friend

As you can see by the photos, this was my buddy.  He met me everyday when I came home from work.  I would pull into the driveway and he would be there waiting for me to pick him up. Now when I pull into the driveway, there is no one there to greet me.  My […]

Chicken Surprise !

This is what happens when you go on vacation for 16 days.  I had three hens on eggs the whole time I was gone and this is the results… 14 chicks in the first round – this is what you get when you mix Millie Fleur D’Uccle, black, blue, barred and white cochins, and a […]

New Baby Chicks

 I can always tell it’s spring on the farm, not by the new leaves on the trees, or the first green grass, and not even by the blooming of the daffodils.  No, I can tell by the sound of baby chicks hatching.  Here are some pictures of the new baby chicks and I have more […]


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