I have been seeing all of these amazing Freakshakes on Pinterest and decided I wanted to try making these amazing looking milkshakes.  For my first attempt, I decided to make this chocolate-mint shake since Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. I topped it with green & white candies,  Andes mint chocolates,  and these […]


I love blackberry Lemonade!  Okay, I love any type of lemonade but I have a great fondness for blackberries.  Wendy’s even carried a blackberry lemonade on their menu last year. I keep blackberry syrup in a cruet in my refrigerator making it simple to grab and add to any recipe.  To make it even easier, […]

CREAMY HOT CHOCOLATE; Freeze and heat later for a quick treat! | Sweet Southern Blue

I have never been a fan of the powdered hot chocolate mix you can purchase in your local supermarket.  I still make it the way I did when I was a child, with milk, cocoa, and sugar.  Each cup of cocoa is different.  Sometimes I add caramel topping, cinnamon, hot fudge, marshmallows, or whipped cream. […]

15 Fabulous Fall Drinks ! | Sweet Southern Blue

Every year I wait for that first cool night, the one where I can light a fire and curl up on the couch with a blanket and a warm drink.  I’m always on the lookout for drinks that fit that image.  Do I want something with pumpkin or maybe apple? Here is a list of […]

Cherry Limeade | Sweet Southern Blue

I love limeades from the Sonic but I don’t work or live or work near a Sonic so I have to make my own.  I make it two  ways – (1) Sprite, Limes, and Cherry or Strawberry juice and fruit or (2) Limeade (pre-made), Limes, and Cherry or Strawberry juice and fruit If you want […]

Italian Cream Soda | Sweet Southern Blue

I just ran across these on Facebook and followed the link back to Butter with a Side of Bread.  They share the recipes for the beautiful cream soda.

My Version of a Lava Flow | Sweet Southern Blue

My first taste of a Miami Vice was in Puerto Vallarta. It was just the week before Christmas and my friends and I were on the beach soaking up the sun when this incredibly good looking waiter ( I was there with two other single ladies, so don’t judge me) brought me this wonderful fruity […]


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