STUFFED PEPPER SOUP – Sweet Southern Blue

Jump to Recipe Print Recipe I loved stuffed peppers so when I ran across this soup, I started researching recipes. I found several variations so I used elements from several of the recipes so make adjustments according to your taste. INGREDIENTS 1 lb  ground beef 2 Tbsp olive oil 1 onion chopped (1 cup) 2 chopped bell peppers 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 (14.5 […]


This soup so so delicious and so easy to make. Even my husband, who never eats soup, likes this soup. INGREDIENTS 1 pound ground beef 2 Cups of chicken broth 1 Medium onion – Chopped 8 oz Cream Cheese 1 Can Rotel with green chilis 1 Cup heavy cream 4 oz Velveeta ¼ Cup chopped dill pickles […]

White Chicken Chili – Sweet Southern Blue

Jump to Recipe Print Recipe Jump to Recipe Print Recipe I took a basic recipe I found on the internet and adjusted it to my taste. Feel free to do same. If there is something you don’t like, don’t put it in. Otherwise, this is a pretty basic soup. The real personalization comes with the […]


I have found recipes for Keto Broccoli Cheese soup on several sites. I tried several variations and this is the version that I like the best. Most of the recipes I found called for cheddar cheese but I prefer Velveeta cheese because I like the way it makes the soup creamy and I always have […]

12 Mexican Faves You Can Make in the Slow Cooker | Sweet Southern Blue

Schedule a stress-free Mexican night with help from the trusty slow cooker I am always on the lookout for easy and quick recipes, especially those that can be done in a slow cooker.  I was excited when I saw these recipes on Pillsbury’s web site and wanted to share them with you.  Let me know if […]

Pumpkin Chili | Sweet Southern Blue

I was skeptical when I first heard of Pumpkin Chili.  I have always associated pumpkin with pie, muffins, bread, and numerous other sweet goodies.  Never did I associate it with chili. After having tasted pumpkin chili, I have had a change of heart.  Pumpkin chili is delicious !  To be honest, you can’t taste the […]

Game Day Recipe Roundup – Sweet Southern Blue


Olive Garden Inspired Chicken and Gnocchi Soup | Sweet Southern Blue

  The first time I had this soup at Olive Garden, I knew I had to have the recipe. I looked at several recipes on the internet and decided on a combination of several.  I added 2 cups of spinach instead of 1 and I used one pint of half and half and one pint of milk instead […]

CABBAGE CREOLE | Sweet Southern Blue

  This is one of my favorite go-to foods.  Even people that don’t like cabbage love it !   I remember as a child, my mother would make this.  I hated cabbage.  I repeat, hated cabbage.  So did my sister and every other young person that I knew.  The funny thing is that we all loved this […]

LOADED POTATO SOUP | Sweet Southern Blue

I love easy recipes that taste like they took hours to make. This is the perfect potato soup. Even if you are not a potato soup lover (and I’m not) you will LOVE this recipe! The great thing about this recipe is that it’s a basic cheese & potato soup and you get to add […]


This is the second Olive Garden inspired soup that I have made.  My personal favorite is the Olive Garden  inspired Chicken Gnocchi Soup.   My coworkers were divided, some preferred the Zuppa Toscana and some the Chicken Gnocchi.  I guess  you will have to give both a try and have your own taste test.  I found several recipes online […]


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